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Real Tattoo

With the best tattoo ideas, ready for your skin. We will be happy to create on you the design of your choice.

Personal interview

We are not typical tattoo artist. We will spend some time talking with you. And after we find out your style. We will try to make your own idea/thinking on paper.

Body Art

A lot of people, whhen they come to us, they are not sure if they wand something for ever, or just for some time. That is fine with us. We have temporary tattoos for you.


With high quality stuff, non allergic and our soft hands, we are ready to pierce you anywhere you like. Dermal piercing it is an option too, for those who do not mind try something new.

Design Stencil

In case you do not have time to make a tattoo with us, but you want our idea and imagination. That is possible to. We can draw / design it for you and you can take it home.

Huges n Smiles

As we said we are not typical. We emphasize on the satisfaction of our clients. We want them happy. That is why the most of them are friends after their first visit.


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Tattoo After Care

New Tattoo After Care [read carefully]

Every tattoo artist will have a slightly different opinion on the best way to care for a new tattoo, but do not worry, most reputable artists have had years of experience in caring for new tattoos, so their methods have been tried and tested.
1. Remove the bandage/cover in 2 hours.
2.Wash(gently) the area with normal-warm water, be sure to wash off all of the small red spots.
3.Blot dry. Air dry 10 minutes.
4.Apply a thin layer of Antiseptic cream.
5.Before you apply the new layer of cream, wash the old first(not the first time).
6.Apply the Antiseptic cream every 2 to 3 hours- keep it shiny.
7.No salt water or chlorinated swimming pools until healed.
8.No direct sunlight for 30 days.
9.If it scabs, DO NOT PICK IT.
10.Relieve the itch by slapping or scratch the area around it. NOT THE TATTOO.
11.Keep it covered with loose, clean clothing.
for more information or details please send us a message ...

Piercing After Care

Piercing Aftercare Instructions [read carefully]

***Instructions may change because of:
1.the weather
2.type of the skin and
3. personal details
*Remember* Not all aftercare methods are appropriate for all people, but I am recommending what I have found to be best after 20 years experiencing on piercing and body art.
What you going to use:
Sea Salt
Anti-Bacterial or Antimicrobial Liquid Soap/Wash (Like Provon or Satin)
Cotton Balls
Cotton-tipped Swabs
Small disposable cups (2-4 ounces)
Paper towel or newly cleaned washcloth

Cleaning Your Piercing:
1. First, wash your hands thoroughly. Never touch your piercing or jewelry with dirty hands.
2. Saturate a cotton ball with warm water, and gently wipe away any "crusties" that have gathered around the piercing site. Throw the cotton ball away.
3. Apply a generous amount of liquid soap to your fingertip, and apply to the piercing site and jewelry. Make sure you get the soap everywhere, but rotating the jewelry is not necessary as long as you work the soap around the piercing and jewelry completely.
4. Rinse the piercing and jewelry several times with warm water, ensuring that all soap has been removed.
5. Dry your piercing with a clean paper towel and then dispose of it.
for more information or details please send us a message ...

Body Art / Bodypainting After Care

In case you think that you may be allergic ask for a "dot test".
Instructions may change because of:
1.the weather.
2.type of the skin and Henna style
- Do not touch the fresh painted area for the first 30 minutes. Needs to dry.
- Leave paste on for a minimum of 4 hours.
- For the first 4 hours ( at least ) no contact with liquids( as salt water, swimming pool etc.).
- Overnight makes for the best results, but perhaps you make dirty your sheets with the useless colour.
- Take of the useless colour( after 4 hours minimum), with plenty of water.
- When you wash it the first time, you will see a lot of colour that goes away, that is normal.
- Dry it with paper or a cheap towel and is ready!
- No direct sunligh on henna, for a lot of hours. ( if you want to sunbathe, cover the henna area )
- Keep it in shadow, because attracts the sun. And maybe you want to scrath it! ( DO NOT )
- You never scratch it! Relieve the itch by slapping or scratch the area around it.

In case you think that you may be allergic ask for a "dot test". With a dot on your body for a few minutes, before you try the design you want, if there is no reaction, you are ready! If you just realize that you are allergic, and the ink / henna is already on your body, relax, is not a big deal. The only think you need to do, is take an advice from your pharmacist, and he/she is going recommend you a soft cream for healing. Use it for a few days, and usually after a month, you will recover completely.
In case you need more information, or more details, please send us a message...

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